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About Us

Proprietary Varieties

Today's consumer is more sophisticated than ever, demanding fruit that eats better, looks better and lasts longer. At Kingsburg Orchards, we have accepted this challenge by investing heavily in our own exclusive nursery program – a program that focuses on creating new proprietary varieties, perfecting plant husbandry and improving orchard management. The result? A future that looks very bright, indeed, as we strive to grow consistently great eating, superior looking, long-lasting fruit. It’s more than a goal, it’s a commitment. From Kingsburg Orchards to you.

The Eating Experience

A good eating experience is the Single Most important factor influencing customers to purchase and re-repurchase fruit. A poor eating experience will, surveys show, prevents a prospective customer from buying your fruit for 3 to 4 weeks! It’s flavor and only flavor that will make us successful in the future. This is why Kingsburg Orchards is focusing so strongly on our Research and Development program. We are in a never-ending search with our exclusive plant breeder to find the most “Consistently Great Eating Fruit". We devote 750 acres of our total acreage each year to plant new varieties. If they don’t perform, we take them out and start over. It is our desire that when you buy a piece of fruit from our orchards, you’ll never have to guess if it’s going to be good. Leave the guessing to us!

Over the past two decades, Kingsburg Orchards has emerged as one of the premier shippers and packers in California’s Central Valley.

While apples and stone fruit remain a cornerstone of our business, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our programs to meet the needs of our customers and respond to market trends.

As a result of these efforts, we have come to be known as an industry leader in the production of Asian Apple Pears, White Flesh Peaches and White Flesh Nectarines, as well as our patented “DINOSAUR BRAND®" pluots.

Kingsburg Orchards is still a family owned and operated company. With over 7500 acres in production, we handle approximately 7 million cases of California fresh fruit that we offer from May until February. And in an era of transitory sales staffs, we have an experienced team that has been together nearly 16 years!

Our state of the art facility allows us to create a number of innovative pack styles and promotional materials four our customers. So whether you have 200 stores or just one, Kingsburg Orchards has something for everyone’s produce department… including yours!!

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